Client: CoopSette Soc. Coop

Eastern Ringroad In Milan (Teem) – Area A

Executive design and drawing up security plans

Health and Security Manager (Italian CSP)

Dates : 2012

Project Financing for RA08 Highway adaptation

Preliminary design for the ANAS tender in project financing of the highway construction and management of the RA08 Ferrara – Garibaldi.

Drafting of Safety plan guide lines, Drafting of works plan.

Dates : 2010

Regional Cispadana Highway – Final Design (Italian Progetto Definitivo)

Final design of the Cispadana Highway construction, between Reggiolo-Rolo on A22 route and Ferrara Sud on A13 route.

Drafting of Health and Safety costs, Drafting of Safety plans guide lines.

Dates : 2012

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