Project management

Civil, industrial and infrastructural constructions

Construction management 

Management during the construction site phase, with managerial and supporting staff for civil, industrial and infrastructural constructions

Planning and schedul

Drafting of works plan, including the audits during the construction

Quality process

Drafting of quality control plans and procedures for construction audits

Health and Safety

Health and safety advice (in according to the 81/08 Italian law), safety coordination for plants and building sites (Italian CSP, CSE, RSPP), drawing up safety plans, professional training courses

Safety of construction phase

Drawing up safety plans during the design phase and coordination during the design and the construction phases; Health and safety site ispector (italian ASPP)


Drafting of monitoring tools, excavated land and rocks guide use, Environment management guide use

Management system

9001, 18001, 231/01. Implementation and maintenance

Coordination of design process

Civil, industrial and infrastructural constructions

Tendering evaluation

Civil, industrial and infrastructural constructions

Technical checks and testing

Technical checks and structural certification

Energy and Environmental Design

Energy Efficiency Certification according to 311/06 and 59/09 Italian laws

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